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        Do you want to make a long-term investment for your company, but require a payment plan? At Wanshing, we’re ready to help you find the best solution for your budget.
 By partnering with Canadian credit companies, we will find you the ideal financing solution for your business. We work with you to find the machinery and plan that suits your specific needs. As Vancouver’s leading forklift service, our mission is to get everyone the forklift that they need to streamline their operations.
        During the past two years, many businesses have struggled to stay afloat. Large purchases such as forklift machinery can be a financial challenge, especially after the economic hardship faced by everyone during the pandemic. We want to help businesses during these difficult times by offering comprehensive financing solutions. It is our mission to help you select the equipment that will continue paying itself off for years to come.
        Wanshing is committed to helping your businesses acquire all the tools it needs to grow optimally, which is why we offer quick loan approvals, ready for you in minutes. We also offer next-day lease approvals, so that you can start getting use out of your new machinery tomorrow!
To have a better idea of how our financing solutions work, please reference the table below:
EXAMPLE: $5,000.00 Deal 36months. $5,000 X 0.0341= $170.61/ mon

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